We’re almost halfway through the year, and looking back at these past 6 months, all I can say is “thank goodness!”. 2020 has been rough, really rough. The entire world has been affected by this pandemic that never seems to end.

     Thankfully, our international partners (considering everything that’s going on) are doing quite well! We are grateful that they are all still standing and moving forward with each of their missions.

     Jeremiah’s Hope, located in Ukraine, has received a great donation to add to its playground! The children are enjoying a new slide and tic-tac-toe game as summer approaches. Yesterday, a young boy celebrated his 11th birthday with cake, gifts and games. The boy has three siblings who are also part of Jeremiah’s Hope – they are all adjusting well, considering they just found out they won’t ever be reunited with their parents. Prayers for peace would be appreciated for these young children.

     The Harbor in St. Petersburg, Russia has been taking quarantine as an opportunity to fix/clean some things in the apartments. One example is helping one of the male residents create a list of goals to complete for the month of May. The list included things such as, changing some lightbulbs and cleaning windows throughout the boy’s apartment. This has helped the boy learn self-discipline and how to set goals for himself.

     Thank you, everyone, for your continued support, thoughts and prayers during this difficult year. We are grateful to be teamed up with you, Jeremiah’s Hope and The Harbor at St. Petersburg!

     If you want to learn more about The Harbor and programs like it, visit

My Comfy Kits: February Spotlight

Our February Spotlight is shining bright on The Read to Succeed Foundation!   "The Read to Succeed Foundation was created 7 years ago by Emily Spector. At age 12, Emily had a growing awareness of the world around her and was deeply saddened to hear the number of...

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New Year and New Beginnings in Russia

New Year and New Beginnings in Russia

As of January of this year, The Harbor in St. Petersburg welcomed new men and women to its Residential Program!  The Harbor, a nonprofit ministry in Russia, aims to help transform the lives of orphans who have been emancipated in the country. One of the ways it does...

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Serving on Lesvos with Euro Relief & Refugee Network

Orphan World Relief has had a two year relationship supporting refugee kids on the island of Lesvos in Greece. Our partnership with the Refugee Network and Euro Relief continues.

Currently, Euro Relief is requiring all volunteers to stay a minimum of one month. In the past we had a special arrangement allowing teams to serve for one or two weeks. That is no longer the case. As you can imagine, many of the people that have expressed interest in going back to Lesvos find it difficult to stay that long. Due to this requirement we do not have set times for teams to go. If you are able to go either as an individual or a team, please let us know and we’ll put you in contact with our Refugee Network partners.

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