Nationwide Children’s Superhero Run is quickly approaching! As we prepare for the April 26th race, I’ve asked Orphan World Relief President, Doug Riggle, and Hilliard Davidson High School Assistant Band Director, Luke Schultz, for their thoughts on the race and the impact its made over the years.

Doug had this to say about the history of the race:

     “Orphan World Relief’s annual 5K has been a fantastic event for Orphan World Relief and has grown and expanded over the years. What began as a simple run/walk at Glacier Ridge Metro Park has blossomed into a family-fun event where we recognize the Super Heroes in our community — the adults and kids who come together to impact the lives of children in their own community and around the globe.

     One of our best decisions was to partner with the Hilliard Davidson High School Band. It’s
often said that we do more together than we can ever do separate. This has certainly been the situation with the Band who do more than add music to the event — they add a great amount of energy and deeper connection into the community.”

Luke gave his thoughts on the impact of the race:

     “The Superhero Run hosted by the Davidson Band program in partnership with OWR is a great Spring fundraising event for our program that engages our student population with several community outreach opportunities. From aspects like our letter writing event where students compose 3 personal sponsorship letters to family, friends, and community members seeking support for our race, to the very nature of a community organized and led public event, our students are better understanding their role within the community of Hilliard.

     This is a fundraising effort, and with the wonderful financial generosity of many individuals and local business, OWR as well as our band program is able to each raise the necessary funds to sustain robust programs that seek excellence and longevity. As for the band, we use the profits for things like musical instrument purchases and maintenance, student uniform parts, and to fund our private lesson scholarship for 30 Hilliard students.”

Thank you to Doug and Luke for your contributions!

Help us spread the word to get more businesses, sponsors, and runners (young and old) involved in impacting lives by visiting:

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