Hi everyone! It’s Cassidy with the latest update on all things Orphan World Relief!

     Within the last couple of months, high school students from around Columbus have expressed interest in fundraising for Orphan World Relief. I got to meet up with these kids and discuss their ideas and passion for helping kids around the world.

     The first student to reach out was Jia, a junior at Buckeye Valley High School. Jia, herself, has seen firsthand the beauty of adoption as she was adopted from China by a loving family at a young age. Her life experience has sparked a passion for helping orphaned children worldwide. Along with this, Jia is an avid runner, competing in track at Buckeye Valley. In order to combine these interests, Jia has planned a 5K in support of Orphan World Relief!

     The 5K will take place on Sunday March 8th at Buckeye Valley High School. This event also helps fulfill Jia’s Global Scholars Take Action Project with the Columbus Council of World Affairs. Consider supporting Jia (and Orphan World Relief) by registering for her run/walk here!

     Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with two young women from Dublin Jerome High School. Khushboo, Paulina and Ashley share a dream of improving the environment as well as the lives of children around the world! In the upcoming weeks, they hope to begin collecting/picking up cardboard from schools, businesses and homes in order to raise money for Orphan World Relief. Each pound of cardboard will raise 10 cents for Orphan World Relief!

     Currently, we do not have information for how you can give cardboard. I will post to our Facebook page and in our monthly newsletter when we have that information. For now, you can email me at cassidy@orphanworldrelief.org if you are interested in giving cardboard, and I will get you in contact with these ladies. You can also donate directly to their fundraising campaign here!

     We are so excited and proud to be partnered up with these students! It is refreshing to see so many kids with a desire to help others and make a difference in the world. I look forward to being a part of their journey to bring hope to children worldwide.

     To learn more about Orphan World Relief and how you can give, visit orphanworldrelief.org.