Note: this blog post was written by a member of Jeremiah’s Hope
“RESCUE SHELTER NEWS – Spring has almost arrived. The weather is warmer and our house moms are making sure our Shelter kids get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine that God is giving us here in Ukraine!
Last week, our Rescue Shelter kids went for a hike and picnic near the river. For the past month, half of our Shelter kids have been away at a government health camp, so Lyuba, one of our Shelter moms, planned a special picnic day for the kids who had been left behind. It was their big bash before the others returned from camp with all of their stories

Please keep our Rescue Shelter kids in your prayers. Ukraine is under a strict COVID lockdown and our kids are all quarantined (the entire country is) for the next few weeks. Pray for great weather so they can at least be outside enjoying Gods creation!”

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