Note: Names and locations have been changed for safety purposes.

The Harbor in St. Petersburg, Russia recently shared a couple of great news/updates that have happened in the past two months. It’s refreshing to see the good when we are constantly bombarded with the bad as this pandemic is the center of all news. Take the opportunity to read through these stories and rest in thankfulness and joy for our friends in Russia!


“A graduate of The Harbor recently got married! When Gia, the bride, came to The Harbor, she was already a believer because she was adopted by a Russian, Christian Baptist family at the age of 12. However, when Gia came to The Harbor, she was still confused about certain aspects of God, His unconditional love and forgiveness. She learned a lot and transformed beautifully.
Gia and her husband on their wedding day
Gia desired to become a hairdresser, and her dream came true! She even got special qualification in specializing in different types of hair because she is a Russian-Korean decent and Korean people have different type of hair than the Slavs – the Russians do. Gia wanted to become a hairdresser so that she could do people’s hair, which makes them pretty or beautiful, but also at the same time to tell them about the love of God. A great desire and a wonderful mission.”

Jesus and Soccer

“The Harbor soccer program recently celebrated its 4th anniversary! Now, this club has been involved with The Harbor for 1.5 years under the program known as “Jesus and Soccer”. The group gathered at the training center to reflect on the accomplishments that they have since its opening. It is a joy to see the next generation among former orphans who are now educated, employed, believers, transformed and happy because someone believed in them and gave them a chance to play soccer and be mentored at the same time.”
Jesus and Soccer Outreach

Orphan World Relief is grateful for The Harbor and its mission to help kids and young adults in St. Petersburg. Prayers for wisdom and guidance throughout this difficult time would be appreciated.

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New Year and New Beginnings in Russia

New Year and New Beginnings in Russia

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Serving on Lesvos with Euro Relief & Refugee Network

Orphan World Relief has had a two year relationship supporting refugee kids on the island of Lesvos in Greece. Our partnership with the Refugee Network and Euro Relief continues.

Currently, Euro Relief is requiring all volunteers to stay a minimum of one month. In the past we had a special arrangement allowing teams to serve for one or two weeks. That is no longer the case. As you can imagine, many of the people that have expressed interest in going back to Lesvos find it difficult to stay that long. Due to this requirement we do not have set times for teams to go. If you are able to go either as an individual or a team, please let us know and we’ll put you in contact with our Refugee Network partners.

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