Our friends at St. Petersburg, Russia have been persevering through the pandemic, making sure all children are first priority.

From Alex Krutov: “Recently, we found out that orphanages will keep the kids in the city for the month of June. However, for the months of July and August they will be sent to various summer camps outside the city. We have been given a green light to visit and minister to our children in the summer camps whom we have missed so much. When you are locked in an orphanage for over 3 months, Zoom or any other social media communication gets really old fast and is very impersonal. The children are already deprived of a family and close connection, so for us having that in person contact and giving them a hug is extremely precious and valuable.

“One of the things that I would also like to highlight in this update is our soccer outreach. Ever since we launched this outreach it has been growing like crazy. The number of participants has grown from 10 to 30. From having just, a soccer outreach, we now have volleyball outreach as well. In one year, 6 boys have given their life to the Lord. Two boys will be coming to our residential program as soon as the orphanages open up. We could not have asked for more or better, and we know that the hand of God is in this ministry.”

The Harbor is asking for prayers for the soccer outreach’s leader, Grisha. He has stage 4 colon cancer and has been leading the group in between treatments. They ask for prayers of healing and peace for his family of 4. God has definitely been moving throughout this season as The Harbor found the perfect, temporary replacement for Grisha. Joseph is a missionary who worked with orphans in Africa, ministering to them through (you guessed it!) soccer! What an unbelievable way for God to show The Harbor and Grisha His love for them and this program!
Along with the soccer outreach program, there are many other programs continuing at The Harbor. They ask for prayers that they will be able to be in-person soon and that the pandemic won’t hold them back from its mission.

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