Jia Radloff (pictured on the right)

This sweet girl, her mom and foster sister recently dropped off 4 completed Comfy Kits for middle school aged girls. This is what her mom had to say about why they chose to support My Comfy Kits:

“Our family was first made aware of Comfy Kits when our very first foster placements arrived with two backpacks full of first night essentials. The young girls were an emergency placement, which meant they needed a safe place to stay immediately after coming into care. They had only the clothes on their backs. While we certainly had the basics, it meant so much to the girls (and us) to have something special just for them. New pajamas, a blanket, a stuffed toy and even a nightlight. It made the first night in a new place a little less scary. Our oldest was able to see the difference this made to these two special girls and has several times organized her own Comfy Kits for donation. She takes some of the money from birthdays or holidays and hand picks items to fill a few kits. Fostering is a whole family mission – and we love the care she puts into preparing each backpack because she knows what it meant to us that very first night. If you’re interested in opportunities to bless the foster care community, Comfy Kits is both easy and practical!” – The Rauschenbach Family


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