My Comfy Kits is proud to recognize Samantha (Sam) Brumbaugh as its May Spotlight!

Samantha (Sam) Brumbaugh has been a key team player for My Comfy Kits since its inception.  She has an amazing logistical and organizational mind that has helped us to gather, store, organize and fill over 2,600 Comfy Kits since 2016.  Sam has not only volunteered countless hours of her time, but it has also been a family affair with her children, parents, brother, and grandma lending a hand. We are so appreciative of Sam and her entire family and couldn’t do what we do without her help and dedication. Here is Sam’s story in her own words:

Hello everyone!  My name is Samantha and I am the logistics coordinator at My Comfy Kits. You know how every girl dreams of their wedding and their future family? Well all I ever dreamed about was flying to another country to pick up a baby that I was going to adopt. When I was 16, I actually got to go work at an orphanage in Haiti! I thought my dreams had come closer to coming true. Then I grew a little older and learned about the foster care system and thought maybe that was the route I should take.  

I have an awesome friend that worked for Orphan World Relief and she was starting a new state side component and it was going to be focused on foster care and I was in!  This led to me traveling to Bolivia to work at an orphanage that we support and I knew, there, that I was going to become a foster mom.  So, here I am.  I have been fostering for 4 years.  I have had 8 children in my home.  I have adopted 2 of those kids and along with those 2 I currently have 3 more in my house right now.  Yes I am a single mom of 5!


So I started out just wanting babies, they are easier and don’t talk back, right?  Then I realized I am a teacher for a reason, maybe I should look into school aged children.  Who talked me into thinking that a teenager would be a good idea is beyond me!!!!  I now have an 18 year old daughter and a 9 year old son.  My life feels like this is how it was meant to be.”

My Comfy Kits is so thankful to Sam and her family for all of their help and support! If you want to learn more about My Comfy Kits, visit or follow us on Facebook @MyComfyKits.