These sweet girls and their parents recently donated 24 completed Comfy Kits, with extra items as well, to help children going into foster care! We asked their mom, Jenna, to tell us how they got involved with My Comfy Kits, what the kids learned from the experience and what they enjoyed about packing Comfy Kits. This is what she had to say:

“I actually briefly worked with the founder of OWR when I was right out of college, and since then, we have tried to support OWR in some capacity. We have also liked to keep up with the progress of the organization. I think 2 years ago we saw this project and thought it was cool. Our family believes in the sanctity of and respecting every human life in providing for physical needs but also for each individual’s beautiful soul. So we discussed putting words and beliefs into action with donating to causes doing just that. What an amazing and uplifting service you provide for not only the children, but to help the amazing foster parents out in what is probably a chaotic time.

Thank you so much for providing a hands-on project for our children to learn to make a difference and to share their blessings with others. We are so grateful for OWR and all the good this organization does and for this very unique and special project of Comfy Kits and proud of our girls enthusiasm and compassion to help.

We enjoyed trying to pick out items that each age group would be excited to get in their bag and trying to put in a little extra. The kids also enjoyed packing the bags. Our thought was, if we wouldn’t buy it for our family, we didn’t purchase it for the kits. Our kids also very much enjoyed getting to drop the filled Comfy Kits off. We learned how to shop for quality items for a solid price, or in bulk, in hopes of making a bigger difference. We also learned in setting the items out in an assembly line way so we could hand pick the best items to pack in each bag, and that, even at a young age, they can help a lot.

We look forward to doing this yearly as a family and hope to eventually involve a new girls group or maybe other friends (for what I’d call a zip and sip). Enjoying each other’s company and packing bags together.”

Wow! My Comfy Kits is so very thankful to the Goubeaux family for their kindness and generosity!

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