Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since our last blog post, but we’re back! The past few weeks I (Cassidy, OWR Development Manager) have been vacationing and moving into my first home with my husband and dog, Willow. I hope you can forgive me for the lack of posts lately!

As I’ve been away, OWR has received some news from Montaña de Luz, one of our international partners in Honduras. Although the country is in a steady decline, Montaña de Luz has continued to strive.

COVID-19 has hit Honduras pretty hard, but it isn’t only the virus that is killing people. It’s the lack of food and water in hospitals as the government struggles to distribute donations nationwide.

Thankfully, Montaña de Luz hasn’t seen a case of coronavirus, and that is because of the amazing leadership in the organization. Leaders have taken all precautions necessary to keep the kids safe with many of the caretakers taking on temporary “foster care” roles and only traveling for necessities twice a month.

Sarah Castellanos, National Director of Montaña de Luz, describes it best, “They (the children) have been living in a a family setting, rather than institutional, since March 16, 2020. Since that day, there have been no crisis and no health problems, despite all of their appointments being cancelled. Our kids are healthier than ever, happier than ever and are more active and learning what it is like to live in a family: to share, help, be included and receive love.”

We at Orphan World Relief are so happy to hear this news. Although things could definitely be better, we’re grateful for God’s guidance through this difficult year.

If you want to learn more about programs like Montaña de Luz and how you can help, visit orphanworldrelief.org

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