Fostering Futures

This program has us so excited! We know this is a big need and we’re already seeing great things come together for the Foster to Adult Mentorship Program. We’re partnering with OSU Fisher College of Business students as well as Co Hatch Columbus in effort to bring a flood of amazing resources to kids aging out of the foster care system.


Foster to Adult Program Launch

Collaborating with OSU Fisher College Students

 President and Founder, Doug Riggle, shared on a recent podcast that “If you think about the kids in the foster care system, every year, about 20,000 of them age out. So every year there are 20,000 kids who are now without a family – without any support structure, which is one of the programs that we’re building right now. It’s called Foster to Adult, that we’re getting off the ground to help some of these kids who, in some cases are falling through the cracks. “ In light of this reality, three of our OWR staff members set out to meet for wings on OSU campus. Don’t worry, it was a Sunday so there was free parking. This crew of amazing OSU Fisher students are partnering with us in launching a mentorship program for kids aging out of the foster care system.

A special guest

The incredible Cloé Cooper, from Fostering Achievement Network, joined us to answer both simple and complex questions about the joys and potential setbacks to plan for. She is a wealth of wisdom and we’re overjoyed to have her be part of this program with us. You could literally feel the excitement in the room as we discussed how the project has been taking shape. 

Moving into the next phase You might be unaware that this project has been about 4 years in the making! That’s a lot of planning, texts, and emails. After much research and conversations with others working in this area by our amazing Program Director, Mary Jo, we’re confident in moving forward and offering mentoring in groups. This model of group based mentoring is multifaceted in its benefits because of the longevity and versatility of a group system. A mentee can begin to build their resources and relationships in a way that is comfortable, consistent, and doesn’t depend on one person but a community of people. Stay tuned for more on how this program is changing the lives of children across Columbus, Ohio.

If you’d like more information or would like to volunteer to help with this program, reach out to us at

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