At the beginning of the pandemic, things seemed to be going okay for our friends at The Harbor in St. Petersburg, but as time passed, the Russian government has made some changes…

Since COVID began, The Harbor hasn’t been receiving many grads from orphanages due to government restrictions. One good thing is the grads can stay longer at the orphanage (up to the age 23), so they aren’t thrown out on the streets. The hard thing is that they aren’t allowed to enroll in some of the key programs at The Harbor that teach and prepare them for adulthood.

Orphans are, instead, “forced” to stay in apartment living with a mentor and other grads until they turn 23. These mentors are supposed to prepare the young adults for integration into society, but it’s known mentors don’t provide the teachings required of them.

The Harbor is asking you to pray “for God’s favor and favor among orphanages so that they will send us their grads anyway, in spite of this government order”.

In the next few weeks, The Harbor will be receiving new residents, and the staff is joyfully looking forward to meeting these young adults and forming relationships that will help heal and set them up for success in the future.

We at Orphan World Relief support The Harbor and pray for God to provide new residents to its program as we know all of the good that has come from this amazing organization.

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