Note: Names have been changed for security purposes

     Jeremiah’s Hope, located in Ukraine, has been an international partner of Orphan World Relief for years. We are honored to come alongside this group in its mission to help orphans and bring hope to children in Ukraine. Throughout the month of December, Jeremiah’s Hope shared some stories of the children they are currently caring for. This is the story of Alana, a girl, who not too long ago, had her life instantly uprooted and changed forever.

     “Almost 3 years, Alana and her other brother Michael were brought to us by Social Services. Tragedy had struck their family, their mom was arrested (later sentenced to prison) and there was never really a dad in the picture. They first lived in our Rescue Shelter and then two years ago, when they were given “orphan” status by the government, they were moved into our foster/orphan group home. Michael graduated last spring and went off to trade school and now Alana continues to live in our foster/orphan group home.

At the beginning of the pandemic, things seemed to be going okay for our friends at The Harbor in St. Petersburg, but as time passed, the Russian government has made some changes…

Since COVID began, The Harbor hasn’t been receiving many grads from orphanages due to government restrictions. One good thing is the grads can stay longer at the orphanage (up to the age 23), so they aren’t thrown out on the streets. The hard thing is that they aren’t allowed to enroll in some of the key programs at The Harbor that teach and prepare them for adulthood.

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