Rap has been a form of musical expression for decades, taking over as one of the most listened to genres of music. For many families and Christians, rap music can have a negative connotation. But at The Harbor’s School of Rap, students are trying to change how people view rap.

By rapping about Christ, The Harbor’s residents use their love of rap to connect in a special way. Alex from The Harbor states, “It’s about sharing the Gospel in a unique way, establishing the relationship with the orphanages, and building the friendship with the kids. This is not a huge outreach that reaches hundreds of kids weekly, but The Harbor was never about chasing the numbers.”

The Harbor’s School of Rap “works on weekly basis with two orphanages with 5-10 students who dedicate their time for nine months. And, as a big incentive, students get to record their own professional track in a sound recording studio. Such incentive really boosts their desire and ego.”


Leading this program has not been easy. Many of the students are really talented, but life circumstances get in the way of their success. One student’s biological mother recently passed away, while another’s foster parent forbade them from continuing with the program.

The Harbor asks for prayers for Max, the School of Rap lead, and the students that God would provide wisdom and guidance. They also ask for prayers that more students will join and grow in their relationships with Christ.

We at Orphan World Relief support The Harbor and are excited about its School of Rap and the opportunities it brings in sharing the gospel! If you want to learn more about The Harbor and other programs supported by Orphan World Relief, visit www.orphanworldrelief.org.