Give that most loved organization an extra boost

We all know non-profits have hit some hurdles since the pandemic. In the face of all kinds of uncertainties, many non-profits had to pivot hard to adjust in order to keep meeting the needs of the communities they serve. Especially those groups that are more vulnerable.

At Orphan World Relief, we knew we would never stop serving the children who entrust us to support them no matter their circumstances. Our supporters, donors, and partners have been such an encouragement through these last few years.

We’re sharing 5 ways you can stand by your favorite non-profit and be inspired to give them a little extra love this month.

Share social posts

Organizations have so many options now when it comes to staying connected to their followers and engaging with their community on social media platforms. Are they featuring a local program that’s just launched? What about sharing your best memory volunteering and tagging them. Did you run in their local 5k? Share a video of yourself crossing the finish line. If you’re excited about being part of something important, others will be drawn to your joy! Share it and help your favorite non-profit increase their reach! 


Become a volunteer

There is no better way to show your support of your favorite organizations than by joining in the meaningful work you’re already so passionate about. It shows them that you find value in their service to the community and demonstrates your commitment to sustaining their efforts. 

Volunteering also comes with lots of benefits. It boosts your health, fills your life with meaning and purpose, connects you with people who are passionate about social change, and often times builds lifelong friendships.


Use Amazon Smile

Everyone uses Amazon, double your impact by making a small percentage of your purchases support your organization by selecting them on Amazon Smile? Imagine how much support that is overtime just by purchasing things you buy every month!



Share your story

What is it about your favorite organization that makes it special to you? Are they a part of your childhood? Did their services help you or someone you love? Do you love making memories in their local facility? Did you travel on one of their mission trips?

Stories are powerful. Share your story with the non-profit staff and on social media! You’ll inspire others to grow their love for the organization or find out about something they never knew about.


Make a donation

Times are a little uncertain right now, but we know that fear won’t stop us from giving and loving, especially now! Donating to your most loved organization helps them to fight for the big, little, and everywhere in-between lives they support. When vulnerable communities are involved, it’s even more important to show your support.




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